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  • Gabriela T. Richard

Featured on KCRW Radio’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand

This afternoon, I was featured on Madeleine Brand’s Press Play show on KCRW, an NPR affiliated station, to discuss sexism, misogyny, and recent negative events directed at female critics and game developers in game culture (known through social media as #GamerGate). The segment also featured an insightful gamer and blogger, Amanda Schuckman. In the segment, I discussed the research on this issue, as it relates to the historical and contextual reasons for the recent vitriol, and its ultimate effects on female and minority participation and engagement in gaming and trajectories in computer science and technology, which have been shown to be linked. KCRW is “Southern California’s flagship NPR affiliate… [and] airs local editions of NPR’s popular morning newsmagazine Morning Edition and afternoon news show All Things Considered. KCRW also broadcasts American Public Media’s daily business and economy program Marketplace, and PRI’s global news program The World.”

The segment can be listened to here.

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