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  • Gabriela T. Richard

Livestreaming and Learning through Gaming work presented and supported through Fellowships

I was really excited to engage educational researchers in conversations around preliminary studies I have launched on livestreaming since its popular debut through the rollout a few years ago (though livestreaming existed prior to this, the rollout and several next generation console features made it more widespread and accessible beyond niche audiences and competitive players). In a special poster session for AERA fellows and Spencer/NAEd fellows on "Excellence in Education Research: Early Career Scholars and Their Work,"I provided several case studies on livestreaming communities that both exemplify how players situate learning as part of play, and use moderation features and community stakeholders to create supportive and inclusive learning spaces for minoritized players. I am excited to have been supported to engage in pilot work by NAEd/Spencer, and to continue this work more formally through the ADL's Belfer fellows program in the coming year. Additional analyses and findings are forthcoming.

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