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ISLS 2022 Interactive and integrated making 
(interactive tools and demos session / poster activity)

Interactive Tools and Demos: During this interactive session, participants will explore Bidirectionally Responsive Design (BRD) and its affordances for supporting middle and high school youth’s interdisciplinary interests, engagement in STEM, and understanding of complex systems through multimodal and integrated design activities. Participants will engage with this learning design through demos, examples of youth’s designs from past workshops and design activities that explore how BRD can serve as a model for inclusive and culturally-situated learning.

part 1: Intro video (25 min) (optional)

(includes detailed discussion of bidirectionally responsive design and the different iterations of the curriculum)


part 2: cases of middle and high school students creating their BRD projects in 2018 (left) & after integrating circuit playground in 2019 (right) (3-4 min each)

part 3: buildable model demos by sagun (for pre-2019 curricula) and lillyanna (for 2019-current curricula)

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